Salsa Madre is re-vindicating the definition of salsa

Since the time of ancient culinary culture, there has always been debate about of how many and what are the base sauces of the Mexican kitchen, the sauces defined as "mother sauces" or “salsa madre”. In the beginning there were 4, then 5 and so they were branching out to be a whole crowd according to tastes and customs.


Our mission in Salsa Madre is to provide the authentic flavor of chili peppers, as well as expose the natural elements like earth, fire, water and wind since they all conspired to create the unique notes and dyes in our sauces. Our goal is to serve to our customers the simplicity of Mexican ingredients and Chili combination, casual but with a lot of flavor.

We offer our Salsa Madre not only in the Mexican market, but also to be ambassadors in other world horizons.


• Salsa Negra Chile Habanero – Tatemada, peppery browned, tangy, umami. Good with seafood, vegetables and roasted red meats.

• Salsa Roja Chile Arbol – Roasted, intensely spicy, Good with soups, cocktails seafood and burritos.

• Salsa Morita – Smoked, coffee dyes, cocoa, dried red fruits, soft. Good with tortilla chips, such as dip, poultry, quesadillas, rice and beans.

• Salsa Verde Chile Serrano – Roasted, herbal, medium intense. Good spicy with barbecue, carnitas or any protein with long cooking.

• Salsa Botanera Guajillo/ Arbol – Dip for chips, fruits, pasta, pizza, tacos, popcorn and all kinds of snacks.