Safari Tulum – more than a taqueria!

Safari was born in the Yucatan peninsula, between the palmy jungle and the white sandy beaches of Tulum, recreating a macrocosm of essence and reality of a Campfire-food-experience. Because of a constant movement and the necessity of eating well on the move, our journals make us love the way we cook. Our mission is to demonstrate the culinary tastes, culture and true ingredients of the Yucatan Peninsula in our Tulum restaurants.

A simple firepit under the sky, always using fresh and local ingredients, inspired by traditional Mexican flavors giving a campfire twist! In 2015 the first Safari restaurant was set up as a relaxed, funky upscale taqueria nestled in the jungle of Tulum’s beach road. Most of the cooking takes place in a genuine 1971 Airstream ‘Safari’ trailer which gives the restaurant its name.
After 3 years grow and development of the Campfire restaurant Safari opened end of 2018 its Neighbourhood Eatery in a developing residential area called Aldea Zama in Tulum town. Designed like a classic old Yucatan casa with high ceilings, polished cement and rock walls the place also is embedded in a cozy spirit of the jungle. The menu extends and offers beside the classic Safari taco menu a coffee program and healthy fresh juices.
Safari Tacos highlight the various tastes and recipes of the Mexican cuisine coming from different areas of the country. Most ingredients are grilled, roasted or slowly cooked on fire and have the unique smoky taste of the campfire.
Safari Antojitos are great starters inspired by authentic recipes and using fresh, organic local ingredients of the Yucatan peninsula. We recommend to share the plates in family-style and enjoy the journey through a surprising world of Mexican flavors.
Safari Signature Cocktails such as Mezcal Margarita or Ruby Red are the perfect starters for a dinner night. Too early for alcoholic drinks? Then we recommend our freshly pressed juices or the typical Mexican aguas frescas with some tropical flavors.
“Chef Luis has a great passion for true flavors based on impeccable technique and the finest quality ingredients. They stunned us with their brilliant dishes the first time around. I’m super excited to have him back in Hong Kong!”
Vincent Mui, Founder Test Kitchen #testkitchenhk